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Special Interview with Rabies Hero - Prof. Charles E. Rupprecht: Rabies, One Health and Future

Published on: 19 Jul 2022 Viewed: 108

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Charles E. Rupprecht, as the Guest Editor, is leading the hot special issue "Adopt One Health, Stop Rabies: Current Progress for Dog-mediated Rabies Elimination by 2030" in our journal recently. On July 8, 2022, the editorial office is honored to invite Dr. Richard Suu-Ire, Editorial Board Member, from University of Ghana, to have an exclusive interview with Prof. Rupprecht to give us a deep talk and share their valuable insights on Rabies control globally.

1. Could you please introduce the current progress in the control of rabies?
2. What is the "One Health" approach in rabies research?
3. We have a goal of “ZERO” human dog-mediated rabies deaths by 2030 worldwide. What are
the urgent steps for us to take at the current stage? Can we make it?
4. You show particular interest in local practice of rabies prevention, control and treatment. What
do you think of the main gaps in these regions?
Stay tuned for more excellent questions from Dr. Suu-Ire on Rabies control in Sub-Saharan Africa and regional gaps.

Personal Introduction:
Prof. Charles E. Rupprecht 

I am a self-motivated, highly-skilled, well-traveled, objective, independent visionary leader who believes in the value of multidisciplinary teamwork and strategic partnerships to achieve novel 21st century solutions to global problems related to emerging infectious diseases from a community-based approach in a One Health context, working with individuals in academia, government, industry, and other organizations.

Prof. Rupprecht focuses on the study of infectious diseases significant difference, control and elimination of rabies. He served as the U.S. HHS Subject Matter Expert on Rabies, related to the surveillance, diagnosis, epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention, control, and treatment of this disease in humans, domestic animals, and wildlife. In 2021, he was awarded “Rabies Hero” by MSD Animal Health for his outstanding contributions on the road to eliminating rabies.

The special issue "Adopt One Health, Stop Rabies: Current Progress for Dog-mediated Rabies Elimination by 2030", led by Prof. Charles E. Rupprecht, is open for submission now. To fully support this project, early submissions before December 31, 2022, will enjoy free publication! We welcome high-quality papers for this project:

Meantime, we will hold a similar special issue webinar "World Rabies Day: Global Opportunities & Challenges to Rabies Detection, Prevention & Control" chaired by Prof. Rupprecht with 8 outstanding speakers on September 15, 2022. Welcome to register this webinar for free:

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