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Special Interview with Prof. Olivier Sparagano - One Health & Implementation Research

Published on: 1 Jul 2022 Viewed: 153

On 30 June 2022, we are honored and excited to have a special interview with Prof. Olivier Sparagano, Senior Editorial Board Member of the journal, from City University of Hong Kong, China. Prof. Joachim Richter, Senior Editorial Board Member of the journal, who is from Charité University medicine-Berlin, Germany, enthusiastically participated in the special interview and had a communication with Prof. Sparagano.

Special Interview

This interview focuses on the current progress of vector-borne diseases. Prof. Sparagano stressed the integrated strategies to control the vectors, the One Health approach in control of vector-borne diseases, and discussed “One Health Education” in current veterinary medicine.

Here are the questions from the interview:

1. What are the current research trends to control vector-borne diseases?

2. What do you think is the most urgent step to control tick-borne diseases?

3. How to understand the “One Health” approach in the research of vector-borne diseases?

4. In current models of academic structure, do you support bringing one health in veterinary education and why?

Personal Introduction:

Prof. Olivier Sparagano, a chartered biologist, received his PhD from Université de Lyon I, France. He was Interim Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health and is now a Professor of Veterinary Parasitology at City University of Hong Kong. He is a fellow of Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, the Higher Education Academy, the Royal Entomological Society, the Royal Society of Biology, and an Associate Member of the Royal Society for Chemistry. Professor Sparagano’s research over the last 25 years has covered topics from molecular diagnostics of parasitic diseases, vaccine development, probiotics, and vector-borne diseases (ticks, mites, mosquitoes) in a broad range of animals (pets, farm animals, and wildlife animals). He is among the Top 10 scientists in the World for “mite infestation”(, Top 2% world most highly cited scientists of 2021. He has published over 160 peer-reviewed papers and over 370 conference abstracts.

We appreciate the strong support from Prof. Sparagano and Prof. Richter for this successful interview!

Prof. Sparagano now guides the special issue “Vector-Borne Diseases and its Pathogens in Tropics and Subtropics Areas: Knowledge and Gaps”  in our journal. This issue is open for international high-quality submissions now. Early submissions will enjoy free APC. Welcome to submit your articles:

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